Sugar Cane Irrigation Project in El Salvador

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Early this spring, Kifco and local dealer provided container delivery, assembly and training of 6 Model T40x1250 Ag-Rain Water-Reels, pumps & required fittings to a sugarcane operation in El Salvador. The project consists of 600 acres of sugarcane on a cooperative farm near the town of Usulutan, about 1.5 hours east of the capital San Salvador.


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Water-Reels Being Assembled After Unloading from Container Shipment


From establishment to ripening, proper irrigation is important at each stage of sugarcane growth.  The portability of Kifco’s traveling irrigation systems allows users to cost effectively irrigate multiple fields.


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Sprinkler in Sugarcane


Kifco supplied all of the materials for the El Salvador project including the two deep well turbine pumps complete with 275 HP John Deere diesel engines, discharges, fittings and accessories for the project.


end of first run

Water-Reel Irrigating Sugarcane


Water-Reels offer the flexibility to apply water at various depths based on crop requirements.  The 6 Ag-Rain Water-Reels on site in El Salvador work day and night to supply one inch of water to the growing sugarcane per week during the dry season. 


A unique advantage to the Ag-Rain Water-Reels is they sit on a turntable which allows you to rotate the reel 180⁰ and irrigate in the opposite direction from the same water supply.  The particular models purchased for this project (T40x1250) irrigate lengths of 1,364’-1,404’ in a single pull out.  Utilizing the turntable and irrigating in the opposite direction allows the farmers to double that irrigated length from a single water source.  


turntable layout_knh...

Diagram Demonstrating Turntable


Kifco’s portable irrigation systems provide water on demand and then can be easily moved and stored when not in use.   For more information on irrigating sugarcane with a Kifco Water-Reel, email us today at sales@kifco.com or contact Kifco's Latin American Sales Rep, Jan Beukema - Phone: +52 1 33 1007 4091  Email: jbeukema@kifco.com.

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