Product Support

Kifco offers extensive support to our dealers and stands by our products (See Warranty). Kifco Product Support Representatives are available to answer questions on your particular machine.

Choose your product category to find Operator Manuals and Repair Parts Manuals. You will need to know the serial number of your product in order to select the correct manuals for your product.

Ag-Rain Water-Reels Support




Ag-Rain manuals 

Ag-rain troubleshooting for commercial irrigation 

 Timing & Maintenace Instructions    



B-Series Water-Reels Support

b-series water reel manuals   b-series water reel troubleshooting for commercial irrigation

Water-Reel Misc. Product Support

pump and sprinkler manuals for field and crop irrigation products   FAQs on water reel products

Weiss Master Product Support

Weiss Master product support manuals


Avi-FoamGuard Product Support

Avi-FoamGuard product support manuals  Avi-FoamGuard product support maintenance tips  trouleshooting Avi-FoamGuard button

Speak to a Represenative

Would you like to speak with our support representatives about spare parts or technical machine questions?

Please note that Kifco does not sell parts directly. We would be happy to help you find the parts you need, but to purchase parts, please contact your closest authorized dealer.

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Spare Parts Support

Technical Product Support

Brian Malott


Brian’s been with Kifco since 2006 and has been the product support lead since 2008. He came to Kifco with extensive irrigation knowledge having worked for several years at one of our local dealers. Brian’s hands-on experience with Kifco machines of all ages (even old red ones) is a true asset when it comes to solving problems for our customers on the Product Support Line. Brian is always available to walk you through any technical questions or problems you may be experiencing with your unit.

Email Brian Malott

(309) 543-4425 ext. 235

Debbie Hackman


Anyone who does business with Kifco knows our Debbie! She runs the parts and shipping departments. She has a vast knowledge of our parts in many generations of Kifco Water-Reels. She has been with us for eleven years and is always here to help with your parts and shipping needs.

Email Debbie Hackman

(309) 543-4425 Ext. 236