Model Applications Agriculture and Farming ApplicationsSafe Polo Field Irrigation

Models: T27x980 & E27x980

Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 2.7" x 980'

Irrigated Width: 154'-203'

Irrigated Length: 1057'-1082'

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 3.7-5.0

Drive System: Turbine or Engine (Learn More)

GPM Range: 74-152

Hours Per Full Run: 3.3 - 32 (Turbine) 2.5 - 16 (Engine)

Inlet PSI: 71-128 (Turbine) 61-118 (Engine)

Chassis Size: ST3

Sprinkler Options: Nelson SR100

Primary Pump Options

23Hp Gas Primary Pump

37Hp Gas Primary Pump

48Hp Diesel Primary Pump 


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